Can I submit 5 songs?

Please try to limit yourself to one submission

Can I change the song key?

We’d rather not do that. In certain cases we’ll make an exception.

When do I find out if my song was picked?

After the Christmas break the bands will get together and sort through the submissions. We’ll let everyone know as soon as possible.

There are lots of versions of the song including the time they did a reggae version of the Dick Caveat show. Can I do that version?

We will learn the standard studio version it was recorded in so there are no mistakes between band members charting out the song.

When is the submission window?

Submissions start on Thanksgiving. Submissions end on Christmas

How do I know if a song has been picked?

Use our handy search tool.

How do I rehearse my song?

You can rehearse it as many times as you like with yourself in the mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone. When the band rehearsal gets scheduled, each person will get a window of time with their band. Usually only one is needed. Occasionally there are special circumstances. Each band has its own method.

If my song is selected, do I still need to buy a ticket for myself?

No. Your entry fee is waved. Your name will be on the guest list. Anyone else attending will need to purchase a ticket.

Will the show sell out?

Yes. The show has sold out every year, to the best of our knowledge.